What does Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive insurance covers the insured against a wide range of risks. Insurers are constantly adding benefits to the comprehensive insurance to capture emerging needs of the insured. It is your duty as the insured to understand what is covered under your comprehensive insurance as benefits may vary.

Key Risks covered under comprehensive insurance

  1. Loss/Damage to the Car

This is the most basic comprehensive cover. Your car is covered against damages arising from road accidents, malicious damages from third parties, and damages from natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. It also covers against loss from theft of the car or parts of it. This cover includes cover for windscreen and car entertainment system.

  • Third Party Liabilities

This covers you against liabilities arising from causing third party injuries and/or deaths, and damaging third party property. It is part of the basic comprehensive cover.

  • Towing Charges

The insurance company will cater for the towing charges applicable for towing your car from the accident scene to the garage. This is also usually part of the basic comprehensive insurance package.

  • Political Violence and Terrorism

This covers against damages to the car in the event of political violence or terrorism activities. With the increasing terrorism activities, it is advisable to purchase this benefit as an add on.

  • Loss of Use

Accidents inconvenience the driver as your car has to be repaired. On average, car repairs may take up to three weeks meaning you will not have your preferred means of transport until your car is road worthy. This benefit entitles the insured to a courtesy car for up to 10 days with an option to extend. An accident claim is already stressful as it is; the loss of use benefit reduces this stress.

  • Excess Protector(own damage-theft)

Whenever you launch a claim with your insurer, you are required to bear part of the loss as the insured. This is known as the excess. For motor vehicles own damage claims, the excess may range from 10% of the car value, and with theft claims ranging from 10% to 20%. The excess protector protects you from paying the excess fee.

  • Enhanced Additional Benefits

Insurers add these benefits to meet the needs of a specific market. These benefits include forced ATM withdrawal, theft or damages of your valuables such as laptops and handbags and road rescue services such as AA. Some insurers even partner with hospitals to offer free medical check-up to clients.

The more comprehensive insurance you have, the better you are covered. However, it all comes down to what you need covered. We specialize in helping our clients purchase the best insurance policies  to ensure they are well covered.

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