Before you can drive your vehicle on Kenyan roads, you should at least have a third party insurance cover. This is a requirement of the Kenyan law- Motor Vehicles Third Party Risks) Act, Chapter 405– and offenders risk being slapped with a fine of up to Kshs. 10,000 or a jail term. The third party car insurance is designed to protect the insured against legal liabilities that arise from death or damages to third parties.

What is covered under Third Party Only Insurance?

  • Third party death/ bodily injury

Road accidents can be fatal or cause bodily injuries to the victims. In such cases, the insurance can compensate the third party for the damage caused by their insured with a limit of up to Kshs. 3Million per person.

  • Third party property damage

This covers the insured against legal liabilities that arise from damaging third parties property by the insured’s car. The insurer can pay up to a maximum of Kshs. 10Million in any one claim or a series of claims arising from one event.

What is not covered under Third Party Only Insurance?

It is important to note that the insured’s car and personal property is not covered. Only third parties are covered under this plan. If you would like your car to be insured against accidental damages, then you will require a comprehensive insurance policy.

When You Should Buy a Third Party Insurance Cover

  • When you cannot afford to buy a comprehensive insurance

Third party only insurance premiums range from Kshs. 5,000 to Kshs. 7,500 while comprehensive covers cost a minimum of Kshs. 15,000 depending on the insurer and the make, model, year of manufacture and value of the car. Since it is illegal to drive without insurance, then the third party cover comes in handy.

  • When you only drive the car in low risk areas

Third party cover is economical when the car is driven in low risk areas such as inside personal property, institutions, and rural areas with low traffic. There is a low chance of your car being involved in an accident and therefore little need for comprehensive insurance.

` Third Party Only Insurance Claims

Note that third party insurance is liability insurance. This means that the insurance company will only compensate if obligated by a court of law to pay damages incurred under its legal liability. Therefore, claims under this insurance plan are usually determined by the court of law which awards damages the third party. Therefore, the first step to take after an accident should be to contact your agent or insurance company and report to the police.

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