Domestic Package insurance is an umbrella policy that covers you against losses that may occur to your home. We have heard of cases where people have lost their homes and properties after catastrophes such as fire, natural disasters and even malicious damage. The below items are covered under domestic package also known as homeowners insurance.

1.     Buildings

This covers the owner of the building against accidental damages caused by fire, natural disaster such as lightning, floods, and earthquakes, malicious damage, riot, strikes, and civil commotions, and theft.

2.     House Contents

You have worked hard to tastefully furnish your house with modern, artistic, vintage and expensive furniture and electronics. You have acquired customized jewelry and all other valuable items.  Worry not! The domestic package insurance will compensate you when losses occur such as fire, theft, and malicious damage. Items that leave the house such as laptops, mobile phones, and jewelry are insured under all risks so that they are covered even when outside the house with them.

3.     Domestic Staff

Your domestic staff- both indoor and outdoor are covered under WIBA insurance. This means that in the event that they are injured while carrying out their duties, the staff will be compensated. It covers claims arising from death, permanent and temporary total disability, medical and funeral expenses.

4.     Employer’s Liability

This liability insurance will cover you against legal claims that may arise from the death or injury of your employees. In the event that your employee sues you in a court of law and the court awards damages, then the insurer comes in and pays for the damages. The limit of liability for one employee is usually up to Kshs. 4Million.

5.     Owner’s Liability

The owner of the building is covered against any liabilities that may arise from the death/injury or destruction of property belonging to third parties but under his/her custody at the time of the damage. This cover is important to owners of rental buildings as it protects from liabilities occurring in case the tenants sue for damages.

6.     Occupier’s and Personal Liability

This covers the occupants of the building-i.e. tenants against liabilities that may arise following the death/injury or destruction of property of third parties when in their premises.

7.     Pet Insurance

This covers your pets against accidental death, illnesses and diseases, and if the pet is lost due to straying or theft.

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