Imagine a motor insurance product that rewards you for good driving, gives you a discount when you pay full premium and gives you up to 15% cash back on premiums when you don’t claim during the period. Thanks to Heritage Insurance you can get all these benefits through their revolutionary product called Auto Correct. Yeah…it is time to correct the high premiums you have been paying and yet you are a good driver.

How the Auto Correct Product Works:

Heritage fits a telematics device on the car that monitors your driving habits and transmits this data to the company for insurance pricing purposes. The telematics device contains a motion sensor that provides information on distance driven, braking, acceleration, cornering, and impact in case of an accident. The Sim Card then transmits this information to Heritage Insurance for analysis. This device is fitted on the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port on the car by technicians who then activate it to start collecting and transmitting data.

What You Get:

  • Rewards for safe driving-the insured earns loyalty points for good scores that can be redeemed at shopping stores such as Chandarana supermarkets, Healthy U, ArtCaffe and Text Book Centre.
  • Faster and easier Claims processing since the company has access to your driving data.
  • Up to 15% cash back on premiums at the end of the insured period provided that you are claims free and have an average driving score.
  • An 8% discount on the total annual premium provided you are paying full premium at inception or renewal.

How to Buy:

We are authorized insurance agents for Heritage Insurance. Contact us on or 0788719667 for professional guidance on Heritage Auto Correct Motor Insurance.

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